A vacation like no other for a traveler like no other

AviaVacations is a unique world first in aviation vacations, it stems from the avid aviators love of flying a hired aircraft to various locations, and what better place than to do this in South Africa…

It caters for the aviation enthusiast and seasoned aviators from all over the world, you can have the best vacation by taking a friend or family on a aviation vacation. Routes start from Johannesburg where we kit you out with your aircraft, file flight plans, do briefings and give you the necessary materials. flights move onward to the Drakensburg, then to the Eastern Cape, the Western Cape, Northern cape and finish off in Namibia.

The package is for 10 years and includes flying for the first 5 years which is done over a period of 7 days & 20 hours allotted to your air time each year, additional airtime can be bought upfront or will be charged accordingly depending on usage and unused airtime will be Forfeit.

Aside from this you also get luxury 4/5* accommodations together with selected meals, tours and lodge transfers.

Package price from: ZAR330,000.00 for 2 people for 10 years total (5 years – 100 flying hours)